Monday, January 30, 2012

New Blog Bullet Bites

Ack, I keep breaking my blog! That's my story and I'm stuck to it.

I decided to bite the bullet and set up a wordpress blog as a part of the ds106 call for a personal cyberinfrastructure. I was overjoyed to see how easy it was to set it up themes, plug-ins, widgets, and the suggested akismet, jetpack, twitter tools, and "subscribe to comments". So far, so good.

I originally gave it a name, then decided to fiddle with it a bit in the admin menu and, et voilĂ , access gone, blog broken! Tried Google for help, read a bunch of back-end coding suggestions, gagged, checked cpanel again, then decided that I didn't have that much to redo, so started over. Success! Tried the name change again (shame on me?) and bork #2. Now I’m back at square one with no access to wordpress admin and a shamelessly broken blog. Blame it on the wonder drugs for a sinus infection, a misspent childhood, or a bad case of American election politics. Doesn't matter. It's moved too far to one side, stepped all over the middle, goobered, spewed, pressed and clogged. It now taunts me within a pile of obstructionist code. Wordpress borked blog I know where you live. It's time for change.

Friday, December 23, 2011

DS 106: Re/Mediating Reflections

Strange body I live
mediating reflections
of still life shadows
in the open field of perception.