Monday, January 30, 2012

New Blog Bullet Bites

Ack, I keep breaking my blog! That's my story and I'm stuck to it.

I decided to bite the bullet and set up a wordpress blog as a part of the ds106 call for a personal cyberinfrastructure. I was overjoyed to see how easy it was to set it up themes, plug-ins, widgets, and the suggested akismet, jetpack, twitter tools, and "subscribe to comments". So far, so good.

I originally gave it a name, then decided to fiddle with it a bit in the admin menu and, et voilĂ , access gone, blog broken! Tried Google for help, read a bunch of back-end coding suggestions, gagged, checked cpanel again, then decided that I didn't have that much to redo, so started over. Success! Tried the name change again (shame on me?) and bork #2. Now I’m back at square one with no access to wordpress admin and a shamelessly broken blog. Blame it on the wonder drugs for a sinus infection, a misspent childhood, or a bad case of American election politics. Doesn't matter. It's moved too far to one side, stepped all over the middle, goobered, spewed, pressed and clogged. It now taunts me within a pile of obstructionist code. Wordpress borked blog I know where you live. It's time for change.


  1. I wish I could assist, I found myself in a somewhat similar situation which resulted in purging my cpanel of everything and beginning again.

    Though I can't bring back any consolation to the loss of hegemony cricket, setting a wordpress up the second time is far faster.

  2. Thanks Brian. Setting up the blog has been no problem and very fast indeed. (Ironically, purging is even faster!)
    Attempting to change the name (when I forgot to delete the "wordpress" default the second time around), not so much.